How to Design Puzzles: Puzzle Ideas

The Practical Side of Puzzle Design Before you can learn how to come up with great puzzle ideas, you’ll need a technique for recording your ideas. in a tangible form. This will vary according to your personal preferences and strengths. You could build puzzles directly in your game engine (or a level designer built into … Read moreHow to Design Puzzles: Puzzle Ideas

Puzzle Game Mechanics

Whether you have a ground-breaking unique puzzle mechanic nobody has ever seen before or are reinventing some tried-and-true classics like a block-pushing game, how you choose and use your puzzle mechanics is what will make your game shine.  Mechanics A game’s mechanics are the ways the player and game interact. The Witness’s main mechanic is mazes; Hue’s … Read morePuzzle Game Mechanics

Navigation with the Nav Mesh Part 4: Patrolling and Chasing

And as with the rest of this series, you can grab a download of the full code as it should be at the end of this part of the tutorial at the bottom of this tutorial, so you can compare your own project. Now that we’ve covered the basics of using the Nav Mesh, Nav … Read moreNavigation with the Nav Mesh Part 4: Patrolling and Chasing