Raycasting Part 1: Everybody Loves Raycasting

Raycasting is one of those topics that everyone seems to struggle with at first, so here is a tutorial covering everything you need to know about raycasting in Unity. In this post I’ll explain what a raycast is, how to use a simple raycast, and point out a few potential problems and pitfalls people run … Read moreRaycasting Part 1: Everybody Loves Raycasting

Artificial Intelligence in Game Opponents

I needed a CPU AI opponent for a simple game, so I decided to build one, and this article details my process. There’s no specific Unity content or project for this article – it’s all theory. What is Game Artificial Intelligence? Game artificial intelligence (AI) provides opponents for a human player. Those opponents need to simulate human (or robot, … Read moreArtificial Intelligence in Game Opponents